Modespektakel zur Vernissage der Ausstellung:
" New York ist da wo Wir sind "

"Deutschen Haus" , New York 30th September 2011
<<< photos: Jürgen Hohmuth/
photos: Sven Conquest >>>


Vorbereitungen am 30.09.2011
im Washington Square Park
, N.Y.

"New York ist da wo wir sind"
photos: Jürgen Hohmuth/
Musikerin: Helen Stratford

Werbeauftritt vor dem APOLLO
in Harlem , N.Y. 2011

photos: Jürgen Hohmuth/

….ein Chassuble
for the Harlem Queen , N.Y. 2011

photos: Jürgen Hohmuth/

collection: Leinen

04.December 2010 – March 2011
at Museum of Fashion Schloss Meyenburg

Sabine von Oettingen presents:
"Pieces from 25 years"

"Coq au Vin – an ecclectic fashion spe©tacle"

May 2010
in Bülitz/Wendland

We've shot a movie with
see also you tube: „Stummfilm Bülitz 2010“

"Ein Traum in Erdbeerfolie" (strawberry packaging dreams)

a film by Marco Wilms
with Frank Schäfer, Sabine von Oettingen, Robert Paris, Jürgen Hohmuth, Angelika Kroker, Klaus Ehrlich, Helga Paris and many others

watch trailer

"ccd" collection from 1984

newly made in 2008 for the movie "comrade couture"

Sabine von Oettingen
b/w photos: Frieda von Wild

ccd - "do–it–yourself collection"

the three 1984 pieces that were newly made for the Marco Wilms film in 2009
can now be ordered as d.i.y. kit for € 39,- € 49,- and € 59,- (plus postage).
Each kit contains detailed pictures, signed instructions,
sufficient material and a black marker pen – for those diy stripes

"classy snail" 2008

Kathrin Schumann "ART TREMONDO" Hannover

2007 und 2008 "fashion spectacle shipped to Bülitz"

directed by:
Sabine von Oettingen

Kult-ur-bar GbR
GbR-event group are:
ideas, directing, choreography, design and words by:
Kathrin Schumann and Sabine von Oettingen.
We hire make-up artists, musicians models and technical staff. We have been working with many talented colleagues from all over Germany for many years. We need detailed information about the theme, the timing and the event venue. We need about two months to prepare an event.

Events (selection)
2010 "fashion spectacle" at museum of fashion Schloss Meyenburg
2006 "beauties of nature wearing fantasy costumes" MdR Musiksommer in
Hundigsburg, Merseburg, Ballenstedt and Seggerde
1995/96/97/98 "tableaux" 3 dimensional figures based on paintings by Moritz Götze, exhibition openings in Halle, Berlin, Potsdam, Hannover, Würzburg, Leipzig, Brüssel and Paris
1995 "in the round dance" for Configura Erfurt , performance in an exhibition with glass and lots of water

Beauties of Nature

2006 "beauties of nature wearing fantasy costumes" MdR Musiksommer in
Hundigsburg, Merseburg, Ballenstedt and Seggerde"


2002 fashion show "Object 5" Burg Giebichenstein, Halledesigned and directed by: Sabine von Oettingen
photos: Uwe Köhn

in the round dance

2000 summer party of the Federal State of Brandenburg
designed and directed by: Sabine von Oettingen
photos: Ingor Fürnberg